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Eiffel is name for software - EiffelStudio - A Complete Integrated Development Environment


While Eiffel is widely regarded as the best language for creating fast, robust, scalable applications, EiffelStudioTM is the only tool for realizing the full power of the Eiffel Development FrameworkTM. It is available under a Dual Licensing model. Users can use either commercial or Open Source licensing.

EiffelStudio is more than just an IDE.

Imagine being able to model your system as you think - capturing your requirements and your thought processes in Eiffel. Then, when you are ready to Design, you build upon the model you just created, still in Eiffel. And then you implement, in Eiffel. You never need to throw anything out and start over. You don't need extra tools to be able to go back and make changes in architecture safely. Roundtrip engineering? It's built in by design. Testing, metrics and productivity tools? They're built in.

And debugging? Eiffel's native Design by ContractTM prevents 90% of the bugs from ever occurring in the first place - and what bugs remain are easily traced and repaired.

If you have multiple platforms to consolidate, reconcile or communicate with, no problem. Eiffel runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, embedded, and even VMS systems. You can create an application in Eiffel (even importing your existing applications as a starting point), and then migrate it to any other platform Eiffel compiles to.

EiffelStudio for Windows

EiffelStudio is the most powerful development environment for creating mission critical applications for the Windows operating system. In addition, if you are considering a move to .NET from some other platform, chances are that EiffelStudio will allow you to do it 10 times more easily and safely. You'll be able to reuse much of your existing applications and you'll be able to 100% verify the function of your new applications both on your present platform and your new platform in parallel, before flipping the switch.

EiffelStudio for Linux/Unix

EiffelStudio on these platforms offers all the powerful features of Eiffel Development Framework including Design by ContractTM , multiple inheritance and Genericity. With EiffelStudio for Linux/Unix, developers have the freedom to create the most robust, scaleable applications and can easily port these applications to the platforms of their choice thus enabling them to consistently deliver measurable business results.

Eiffel for VMS

Given the general level of reliability and excellence of OpenVMS, Eiffel Software has considered that this platform and Eiffel would be a "perfect match." Eiffel Software has offered early on a version of EiffelStudio for VMS and is committed to continue support it for the benefit of its customers working on mainframe computers.

EiffelStudio for Macintosh

Since the release of EiffelStudio 5.4 onwards we are also providing a version for the Macintosh Platform. The Mac OS X version has all the power and robustness that you have come to expect from EiffelStudio and now Macintosh developers have the ability to use Design by ContractTM and multiple inheritance.

Eiffel for Embedded Systems

Because of EiffelStudio's simplicity, it is ideal for the embedded developer. Industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines, as well as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA, are among the myriad of possible hosts for an Eiffel embedded system.
Whatever platform you choose to operate on, EiffelStudio empowers developers to enjoy the following advantages.
The simplest, most powerful language available
Ensures robust, efficient software with Design by ContractTM
The only language to enable developers to use a clean Genericity and Multiple Inheritance model
Reduces debug time by 90-95% with Design by ContractTM and a powerful debugger
Compiles to multiple platforms, including: Windows (Classic and .NET), Unix, Linux, VMS, embedded systems and Mac OS X
Works great as a tool to:
Create serious, high-quality software
Migrate legacy applications to .NET
Create high quality components and libraries, or increase the quality of existing ones, using Design by ContractTM

Pricing for the Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of EiffelStudio is US$ 5,999.00 per license.
Pricing for the Unix and VMS versions of EiffelStudio is US$ 8,999.00 per license.
One year of Maintenance and Priority Support is included with each purchase. Additional support programs are available here.

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Pugster Enamel Paint Paris Stainless Steel Place Famous World Flag Types Italian Charm Link

Product Specifications
Jewelry Information
Brand Name: Pugster Italian Charms
Metal: stainless-steel
Material: stainless-steel
Height: 9 millimeters
Width: 9 millimeters
Product Features
1 Link
Enamel Paint
Gold Tone Plating

Product Description

This charm is a unique way to display your love of Paris, France. The city's name is spelled out in blue, white, and red block letters with the Eiffel Tower as a stand-in for the "A." Crafted and authenticated by Pugster Inc.
Product Details
Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies
ASIN: B000ER8Q8M Sales Rank: #48,015 in Jewelry & Watches

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Eiffel is name for software - EiffelEnvision - An Eiffel Plug-In for Visual Studio .NET

EiffelEnvisionTM is a plug-in for Visual Studio .NET - its icon appears in the same place that other languages do, but that's where the similarity ends. EiffelEnvision enables you to use the powerful features of the Eiffel language within Visual Studio .NET, including Design by ContractTM (a means for producing bugfree software, native only to Eiffel), multiple inheritance, generics, and many others. You can use it to be more productive than you ever dreamed (Eiffel users report that they can produce 3-10x as much high-quality software as they can using any other language and/or tools).


EiffelEnvision offers users an enhanced experience within VS .NET.

EiffelEnvision includes the following new features:
EiffelEnvision uses the Eiffel .NET compiler.
Added notation of Eiffel-compliant types to allow the Eiffel compiler to consumer non-CLS-compliant assemblies, types and their members.
Added the Eiffel for .NET Compliance Checker tool to the EiffelEnvision tool set.
An updated editor supporting the new syntax rules of Eiffel
Added build events to project properties for performing pre and post build operations.
A spruced up look with new class and feature icons.
Better code generation for WinForm designers.
And many, many more improvements and enhancements.

In addition, EiffelEnvision has all the great features you have come to expect including:
The simplest, most powerful language available.
Incremental compiling to dramatically cut compile time (up to 500%).
Fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET supporting WinForms designers, source code control, set-up and deployment, ...
Interoperates and shares code with any .NET language.
Ensures robust, efficient software with Design by Contract.
The only language to enable developers to use Genericity and Multiple Inheritance (the "Holy Grail" of O-O programming) in .NET.
Reduces debug time by 90-95% with Design by Contract and a powerful debugger.
Works great as a tool to:

Create serious, high-quality software.
Migrate legacy applications to .NET.
Create high quality .NET components and libraries, or increase the quality of existing ones, using Design by Contract.

Click here to see a complete listing of features and capabilities.

EiffelEnvision is only available for Microsoft Windows.

Pricing for EiffelEnvision is US$ 1,799.00 per license.
One year of Maintenance and Priority Support is included with each purchase. Additional support programs are available here.

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don't eat eiffel tower, eat this!!

  • Size: 4.5H x 2.75W x 1/2"D Weight: 1.2
  • All of our molds are FDA approved.
  • Our Chocolate Candy Molds are also suitable for molding soap, plaster and cement.
  • This mold is 8 X 10 1/4 .
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Product Details

Product Description
This is a first quality, tough plastic mold. It is durable and reusable. It is not machine washable. Suitable for chocolate and soap making as well as plaster and concrete crafting. FDA approved.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

sleep with eiffel

now you can sleep with using eiffel pajamas
see the detail:

Product Features
Sizes run as follows: 1X (16-18), 2X (20-22)

Product Description
Made of 100% Fine Pique Cotton. Shirt includes three buttons and small chest pocket. Pant includes drawstring waistband. Measurements are approximate and based on a size 1X. Pant inseam - 31", Pant outseam - 41", Sleeve Length - 23.5". Machine wash cold, do not bleach, low heat dryer.

Product Details
Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies
This page was created by a seller.

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Eiffel tower in you bag.

This exelent bag will make you remember with Eiffel tower. 

List Price: $26.99-$28.99
Price: $24.99 - $26.99
Sale: $22.99 - $24.99
You Save: $4.00 (14%)

Product Description
Eiffel Tower Tote Bag is commercial quality high resolution heat transfer product. This versatile tote bag is perfect for school, errands, or trips to the beach. Comes with 12-ounce cotton twill, cotton web handles.

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Lets your child build thier own eiffel tower

Now your child can built their own Eiffel tower. this toy made from wood, so it recycleable and safe for you child. I thing it's great idea to make your child love their eiffel by built it thier selves.

List Price: $24.00
Price: $17.97
You Save: $6.03 (25%)

Product Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 24 inches ; 2 pounds
Shipping Weight: 5 pounds

Product Description
From the B. C. Bones Wonders of the World Collection. Eiffel Tower Wooden Puzzle Small. Recreate the architectural brilliance of great landmarks from around the world with this 3D puzzle. This kit includes pop-out puzzle pieces, an architectural blueprint, Fact File and sandpaper. B. C. Bones quality wooden puzzles have won numerous awards including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product and Parents Magazine Best Toys of the Year. For ages 6 to 106. Not suitable for children age 3 years and under due to small parts which may present a choking hazard. Measures 24" high x 16" wide.

Eiifel tower Soap - this is serious -

Soap?? yes..
soap for take a bath?? yes...
can it made bubble?? yes..
it's really soap but the shape like eiffel tower

Price: $3.99 at

Product Features
Effiel Tower soap is the perfect wedding favor for your Paris theme wedding
Individually shrink wrapped
Approx Size: 4.5"h x 2.5"x0.25"
Scent: Midsummer Night
Valentine's Day gift, bridal shower favor, wedding favor

this soap made by natural ingredients like:
Saponified Vegetable Oils (mainly coconut)
Glycerine (kosher, of vegetable origin)
Purified Water
Fragrance Oil

French Eiffel Tower soap, symbol of Paris, the best wedding favor for your romantic French Paris theme wedding. Perfect for destination wedding and around the world theme bridal shower.

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 1.6 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1.6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
ASIN: B00074QA7Q Sales Rank: #156,415 in Health & Personal Care
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Eiffel tower in book

The Eiffel Tower

by Lucien Herve (Author), B. Bergdoll (Introduction) "OF THE GREAT twentieth-century photographers who have made us look afresh at the Eiffel Tower, one of modernity's most cliched images, Lucien Herve has remained..." (more)
Key Phrases: Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, New York

List Price: $19.95
Price: $15.56 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. Details
You Save: $4.39 (22%)

Availability: In Stock. Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

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Book Description
When it opened in 1889, just a few months before the Exposition Universelle for which it was commissioned, Parisians-from Dumas to de Maupassant-were appalled by the "useless and monstrous" tower Gustave Eiffel had planted in the heart of their beloved city. That enmity, however, was short-lived, and today the Eiffel Tower stands magnificently as one of our most beloved architectural landmarks, a testament to the artistry of 19th-century engineering, and the visual signature of the City of Light.

The Eiffel Tower is a pictorial study of the great structure by acclaimed architectural photographer Lucienne Hervé, who began photographing the tower in his youth in the 1930s, and continued shooting it until he retired from photography in the 1990s. His ethereal images manage to convey the delicate balance between the tower's elegant ironwork and its sheer physical force. Ranging from pictorial studies of the tower in the Paris landscape to abstract compositions of iron and glass, his photographs are modern masterworks themselves. Architectural historian Barry Bergdoll, one of the preeminent scholars of 19th-century architecture, provides an introduction describing the controversial history of the tower.

About the Author
Lucienne Herv is an architectural photographer whose work has been exhibited and collected worldwide. He lives in Paris. Barry Bergdoll is a Professor of Art History at Columbia University in New York.

Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press; 1 edition (January 13, 2003)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1568983727
ISBN-13: 978-1568983721
Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.7 x 0.8 inches

The Mystery at the Eiffel Tower (Carole Marsh Mysteries)

From School Library Journal
Grade 3-5-Proclaiming to contain real kids in real places, this new series follows the adventures of world travelers Mimi and Papa, along with their grandchildren, Christina and Grant. In Eiffel Tower, the kids find a series of clues that helps them to discover where a stolen statue might be hidden. In Big Ben, the kids try to stop a bombing of the titular London icon by two shaggy-headed, dark-skinned men. Fortunately, by the story's end the two turn out not to be terrorists but just innocent college students making a movie. In both books, the protagonists are befriended by two children native to the area who take them, unaccompanied by any adults, to all the hot tourist destinations in town. Rickety writing and predictable plotting may be the hallmarks of these books, but there's no denying that these mysteries are also chock-full of factual information regarding real places. Nonetheless, libraries may question whether or not they wish to purchase a title that assumes that dark-skinned men are obvious terrorist suspects. Additional purchases at best.-Elizabeth Bird, New York Public Library
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Product Details
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 129 pages
Publisher: Gallopade International (December 31, 2005)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0635034689
ISBN-13: 978-0635034687
Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 5 x 0.4 inches
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Let's Eiffel Make Your room bright

Product Features
Original photographic image of the Eiffel Tower framed in velour and lace
Translucent shade allows light to pass thru and enhance the image
Contemporary silver base
22.5" tall x 8.0" wide
Designed & crafted in California - Functional art at its' best!

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 22.2 x 8 x 8 inches ; 3 pounds
Shipping Weight: 3 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Product Description
Functional art at its' best! With an amazing combination of light and photographic art, this distinctive lamp brightens any room with an alluring ambience not found with a standard table lamp. Mounted atop a contemporary silver base, the unique lamp shade features a warm, sweeping image of the Eiffel Tower and is framed in velour and lace. This original photographic image is produced on traslucent film that allows light to pass through and enhance the appearance. The lampshade is resitant to heat, light, and water, but should only be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth or duster. Image is repeated on all four sides of the shade; Pull-chain socket; 60-watt bulb recommeded. Designed and crafted in California.

you can buy here for only $189.99

for sale:Glass Tumbler, Eiffel Tower, Set of 6

Product Description
Jill Butler Art & Design features whimsical watercolor illustrations on a host of products. A bonafide Francophile, Jill's love affair with France continues to inspire her work bringing fun fresh new designs that keep all of us inspired. buy??

Product Features
Set includes 6, 8 oz glasses
Perfect for everyday use.
Beautifully designed images are inspired by the lifestyles of France
Dimensions: 3 1?2" x 4.0"
Easy to clean hand wash or dishwasher safe
buy it!!!

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 4 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches ; 4.8 ounces
Shipping Weight: 5 pounds
Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S.
Item model number: 97146 Sales Rank: #35,812 in Kitchen & Dining
nice glass to buy

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forsale: Infinity 11243 Metal wire Eiffel tower

for eiffel lover, this souvenir is so cute. made from metal wire, so it give us warranty that it never get corrosion.
It's also can become souvenir for your friends, remember him to on time with the small clock.
You can buy this item here

Sale: $32.55
You Save: $11.49 (26%)
Availability: In Stock

Product Features
Metal wire Eiffel tower
8.75 x 9 x 18.5
Purcase i'ts know here

Product Details
Shipping Weight: 8 pounds
ASIN: B00084FLKC Sales Rank: #37,209 in Kitchen & Dining (See Bestsellers in Kitchen & Dining)
purcase it's now here

Product Description

Product Description
Gone are the days where a timepiece was always visible on the table of every room. Regain the wonderful and useful home accent idea with this table clock. Desk clocks are a classical idea in decorating, and Infinity desk clocks are a good choice because they are made from exceptionally high Quality materials. These elegant clocks also make a distinctive gift idea. Buy them now at an Price! Specifications: Item Height: 17.75" Item Width: 7.5" Item Depth: 7.5" Item Diameter: 2.50 Face" Item Weight: 1" Packaging: Closed Brown

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Deep Kiss In Front of Eiffel

Eiffel, it mabe symbol of love for many people.
just see this imeges, and youl know how they expose their love to their beloved people.

They try to catch the moment in front of eiffel with sitting down


Nice kiss with great eiffel background.

sunset in paris with sweet kiss,, how ramantic....

Don't have any couple yet?? do it with your friends..

I hope i can do it when i get marry someday :)

nice water in "hot" day 


In grass?? why not..

all of the picture i take from flickr with keyword like this

say it near eiffel tower

Another way to say you aspiration is with demonstration. like people in thie picture, they demonstrate their aspiraion near eiffel tower.
Do you want to do that??
just bring paper and write down your aspiration
but dont forget to save your environment peace.

Bye the way someone know shat the mening of their said??

Eiffel 65: thier group name for thier love to eiffel

The place is Torino, Italy. It's the early 90s. At the Bliss Corporation -the esteemed home of numerous successful dance music producers, acts, and labels, founded by producer Massimo Gabutti - three young men are brought into the creative talent pool. In this nurturing environment, they individually turn out several top ten European dance floor hits. Now, eight years later, Jeffrey Jey, Maurizio Lobina, and Gabry Ponte (still only 20-somethings), together as Eiffel 65, have tapped a global pulse of club-goers with the international dance/pop phenomenon "Blue (Da Ba Dee)"off their debut U.S. release, Europop, from Republic/Universal.

Eiffel 65 is formed by Jeffrey Jey (who writes the lyrics) Maurizio Lobina and Gabry Ponte. Maurizio Lobina was born in Asti, he started studying the piano at the age of 5 and got into his first band at the age of ten. He grew up listening to all kinds of music and playing practically everything from house to reggae. This has made Maurizio one of the most incredibly talented Bliss Co. musicians. Famous also for his long and fast fingers. In the BlissCo World he is in charge as well of the A/R Dept. Gabriele is a professionnal DJ, he mixes the tracks for the group and appears on the stage.

Instantly topping charts in Italy, Germany, The U.K., France, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Singapore,Taiwan and Hong Kong, "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" is more than a dance/pop track. Once it's heard, it's never forgotten, as its lasting hook, uplifting verses, and body rocking rhythm is pure energy shot straight to the heart. Its inception began with Maurizio's piano riff before Jeffrey wrote the lyrics.

"Maurizio said 'come up with strange lyrics'," explains Jeffrey. "I started thinking about the way people are and about their lifestyle, which could be the way you buy your house, pick your girlfriend, your job or the neighborhood in which you live. Then I came up with a color, a color that describes someone's lifestyle." Although Jeffrey, Maurizio and Gabry all share a passion for dance and electronic music, they each bring to the group different skills and backgrounds. Jeffrey, spending most of his life in Brooklyn, NY before returning to Italy with his parents, grew up on Rod Stewart and Duran Duran, while in Italy Maurizio studied classical piano, and Gabry gained an intimate connection with the dance scene through his DJ experience.

Their have New album: Contact

Songs in the album Contact:

Eiffel 65 - Lucky (In My Life) Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - New Life Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - One Goal Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - King of Lullaby Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - I DJ With the Fire Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Crazy Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Far Away Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - I Don't Wanna Lose Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Morning Time Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Life Like Thunder Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Back In Time Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Johnny Grey Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Brightly Shines Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Losing You Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - People of Tomorrow Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - Journey Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - 80's Stars Lyrics
Eiffel 65 - World in the World Lyrics

You can buy their album here

Strange Eiffel Picture

Just for laught, see this eiffel picture..

do you remember girrafe?? me to.

what happen with eiffel???

Eiffel in your shirt

IF you are Eiffelcaholic, you should have this item.
T-shirt with eiffel picture infront of it.
You can show how love you are.

in white t-shirt

in black blouse

in orange kids shirt

in army color, great!
see google result for eiffel shirt here

Eiffel in small Souvenir

If you go to any place, you must buy souvenir about this place.
for Eiffel, you can find this souvenir. They are so cute and funny.

it will look beautiful in you ear. hang it, and you can hang out now!!

small eiffel, you can bring it home!

another different small eiffel

Eiffel in dome with snow, not to bad for your kids.

eiffel souvenir at google

Eiffel in Cake, so sweet..

Many idea to use eiffel as your love symbol.
This one is the example. using eiffle in cake.
it will make you remember sweet memories you have done.

you can see the images at google like this


Wow, this cake so big ad i think so detail. watch your kids, don't let them distroy your cake.

Eiffel tower on sunset

Picture Source from Goggle search here

If you check this picture above, you'll say "ck ck ck ck" because you'll see great scenery.
Eiffel the beauty tower in sunset background is one of most beautiful Eiffel picture.

can you see the sun behind the Eiffel "foot"

Nice sunset view with Eiffel and boat. The river look like mirror for the sun. so sweet

The bridge give us more detail to the river. Eiffel look like the highest building and will touch the cloud.

This Great picture Was here This picture made Eiffel more brave.

AMAZING maybe this word must we said. Great Eiffel with Sunset color and tree
You can buy this picture here


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