Monday, September 10, 2007

Eiffel is name for software - EiffelStudio - A Complete Integrated Development Environment


While Eiffel is widely regarded as the best language for creating fast, robust, scalable applications, EiffelStudioTM is the only tool for realizing the full power of the Eiffel Development FrameworkTM. It is available under a Dual Licensing model. Users can use either commercial or Open Source licensing.

EiffelStudio is more than just an IDE.

Imagine being able to model your system as you think - capturing your requirements and your thought processes in Eiffel. Then, when you are ready to Design, you build upon the model you just created, still in Eiffel. And then you implement, in Eiffel. You never need to throw anything out and start over. You don't need extra tools to be able to go back and make changes in architecture safely. Roundtrip engineering? It's built in by design. Testing, metrics and productivity tools? They're built in.

And debugging? Eiffel's native Design by ContractTM prevents 90% of the bugs from ever occurring in the first place - and what bugs remain are easily traced and repaired.

If you have multiple platforms to consolidate, reconcile or communicate with, no problem. Eiffel runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, embedded, and even VMS systems. You can create an application in Eiffel (even importing your existing applications as a starting point), and then migrate it to any other platform Eiffel compiles to.

EiffelStudio for Windows

EiffelStudio is the most powerful development environment for creating mission critical applications for the Windows operating system. In addition, if you are considering a move to .NET from some other platform, chances are that EiffelStudio will allow you to do it 10 times more easily and safely. You'll be able to reuse much of your existing applications and you'll be able to 100% verify the function of your new applications both on your present platform and your new platform in parallel, before flipping the switch.

EiffelStudio for Linux/Unix

EiffelStudio on these platforms offers all the powerful features of Eiffel Development Framework including Design by ContractTM , multiple inheritance and Genericity. With EiffelStudio for Linux/Unix, developers have the freedom to create the most robust, scaleable applications and can easily port these applications to the platforms of their choice thus enabling them to consistently deliver measurable business results.

Eiffel for VMS

Given the general level of reliability and excellence of OpenVMS, Eiffel Software has considered that this platform and Eiffel would be a "perfect match." Eiffel Software has offered early on a version of EiffelStudio for VMS and is committed to continue support it for the benefit of its customers working on mainframe computers.

EiffelStudio for Macintosh

Since the release of EiffelStudio 5.4 onwards we are also providing a version for the Macintosh Platform. The Mac OS X version has all the power and robustness that you have come to expect from EiffelStudio and now Macintosh developers have the ability to use Design by ContractTM and multiple inheritance.

Eiffel for Embedded Systems

Because of EiffelStudio's simplicity, it is ideal for the embedded developer. Industrial machines, automobiles, medical equipment, cameras, household appliances, airplanes, vending machines, as well as the more obvious cellular phone and PDA, are among the myriad of possible hosts for an Eiffel embedded system.
Whatever platform you choose to operate on, EiffelStudio empowers developers to enjoy the following advantages.
The simplest, most powerful language available
Ensures robust, efficient software with Design by ContractTM
The only language to enable developers to use a clean Genericity and Multiple Inheritance model
Reduces debug time by 90-95% with Design by ContractTM and a powerful debugger
Compiles to multiple platforms, including: Windows (Classic and .NET), Unix, Linux, VMS, embedded systems and Mac OS X
Works great as a tool to:
Create serious, high-quality software
Migrate legacy applications to .NET
Create high quality components and libraries, or increase the quality of existing ones, using Design by ContractTM

Pricing for the Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of EiffelStudio is US$ 5,999.00 per license.
Pricing for the Unix and VMS versions of EiffelStudio is US$ 8,999.00 per license.
One year of Maintenance and Priority Support is included with each purchase. Additional support programs are available here.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pugster Enamel Paint Paris Stainless Steel Place Famous World Flag Types Italian Charm Link

Product Specifications
Jewelry Information
Brand Name: Pugster Italian Charms
Metal: stainless-steel
Material: stainless-steel
Height: 9 millimeters
Width: 9 millimeters
Product Features
1 Link
Enamel Paint
Gold Tone Plating

Product Description

This charm is a unique way to display your love of Paris, France. The city's name is spelled out in blue, white, and red block letters with the Eiffel Tower as a stand-in for the "A." Crafted and authenticated by Pugster Inc.
Product Details
Shipping Information: View shipping rates and policies
ASIN: B000ER8Q8M Sales Rank: #48,015 in Jewelry & Watches

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Eiffel is name for software - EiffelEnvision - An Eiffel Plug-In for Visual Studio .NET

EiffelEnvisionTM is a plug-in for Visual Studio .NET - its icon appears in the same place that other languages do, but that's where the similarity ends. EiffelEnvision enables you to use the powerful features of the Eiffel language within Visual Studio .NET, including Design by ContractTM (a means for producing bugfree software, native only to Eiffel), multiple inheritance, generics, and many others. You can use it to be more productive than you ever dreamed (Eiffel users report that they can produce 3-10x as much high-quality software as they can using any other language and/or tools).


EiffelEnvision offers users an enhanced experience within VS .NET.

EiffelEnvision includes the following new features:
EiffelEnvision uses the Eiffel .NET compiler.
Added notation of Eiffel-compliant types to allow the Eiffel compiler to consumer non-CLS-compliant assemblies, types and their members.
Added the Eiffel for .NET Compliance Checker tool to the EiffelEnvision tool set.
An updated editor supporting the new syntax rules of Eiffel
Added build events to project properties for performing pre and post build operations.
A spruced up look with new class and feature icons.
Better code generation for WinForm designers.
And many, many more improvements and enhancements.

In addition, EiffelEnvision has all the great features you have come to expect including:
The simplest, most powerful language available.
Incremental compiling to dramatically cut compile time (up to 500%).
Fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET supporting WinForms designers, source code control, set-up and deployment, ...
Interoperates and shares code with any .NET language.
Ensures robust, efficient software with Design by Contract.
The only language to enable developers to use Genericity and Multiple Inheritance (the "Holy Grail" of O-O programming) in .NET.
Reduces debug time by 90-95% with Design by Contract and a powerful debugger.
Works great as a tool to:

Create serious, high-quality software.
Migrate legacy applications to .NET.
Create high quality .NET components and libraries, or increase the quality of existing ones, using Design by Contract.

Click here to see a complete listing of features and capabilities.

EiffelEnvision is only available for Microsoft Windows.

Pricing for EiffelEnvision is US$ 1,799.00 per license.
One year of Maintenance and Priority Support is included with each purchase. Additional support programs are available here.

Friday, September 7, 2007

don't eat eiffel tower, eat this!!

  • Size: 4.5H x 2.75W x 1/2"D Weight: 1.2
  • All of our molds are FDA approved.
  • Our Chocolate Candy Molds are also suitable for molding soap, plaster and cement.
  • This mold is 8 X 10 1/4 .
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Product Details

Product Description
This is a first quality, tough plastic mold. It is durable and reusable. It is not machine washable. Suitable for chocolate and soap making as well as plaster and concrete crafting. FDA approved.


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